Should Face Mists be a part of Your Skin Care Routine?

Its 2023, the summer is blazing hot and some people are still asking what a Face Mist is? Come on!

It is that burst of refreshment for your face when you feel tired and groggy before a meeting. It is that sign of relief removing a layer of dust & grime floating on your skin after a run in the traffic. It feels like a glass of cold water after an intense sport, only, for your skin.

Dry climates have a tendency to dehydrate your skin, making it more prone to damage and fine lines, a face mist does the job of providing that hydration along with a cool feel. This is even more so required in the middle of the day, when washing your face seems like a difficult option, it could be due to one not wanting to remove makeup or from being on the go with no time or avenue to do so. But if only water could do the job why not just fill a spray bottle with it and go about the day? Wrong, this is because face mists come with humectants and hydrating ingredients that not only provide water but also help the skin retain it. Omeo Damascus Rose Face Mist is a favorite for being such an affordable face mist. It comes with an all-natural fragrance and extracts such as papaya and cucumber infused in rose oil. Its white bottle is wonderful to look at, especially the bright pink color and golden detailing on the bottle that is so attractive and exudes such feminine energy! If you are looking for a face mist for glowing skin, try the Omeo Lemon Face Mist that comes in a bright yellow color and can transform your dull mood to a bright sunny day too! Its citrusy fragrance is the best boost to you at the middle of the day. For a more surreal and calming touch, you can try the royal purple colored Omeo Rosemary Face Mist that soothes you and feels like a healing remedy in disguise.

Abundant Aloe Vera in these face mists makes them full of nutrients for your skin that prevent fine lines, wrinkles and hence behave as a toner for your skin. It is not only in the daytime and summers that face mists can be used. After a long day of work, before going to bed or just for a wonderful sleep, face mists can be used at home too. While Lemon can work better as a face mist for oily skin, Damascus Rose seems like a good choice for normal to dry skin. Hence a face mist spray benefits the skin greatly and is definitely a must have for your day to day use!