Trending Top 5 Skincare Ingredients, YOU MUST TRY IN 2024

Herbal ingredients have always been every skincare enthusiast's favorite and 2024 is going to repeat the trend. Timeless herbal beauty trends will take over the skincare regime in 2024. We all have suffered in the worst ways and got scammed by instant results- skincare products. Here comes the old saying that “Good Things Take Time”. Our desire to have perfect skin also requires consistency and trustworthy ingredients in our dressing selves.

It’s the perfect time to look after your skin with these unique herbs. Let’s ditch the harmful chemicals and learn about the timeless elixirs of nature.

  1. Coffee: Our first ingredient and my favorite, we will talk about is Coffee. Coffee has been a popular kitchen hack for many skin problems. But this year, it will rule the personal care products market in different product niches. Coffee will appear in many products in 2024, for example, Coffee body wash, body lotion, coffee hand creams, etc.

Omeo Coffee Body Wash and Omeo Coffee Hand Cream

  1. Mulberry: Mulberry is a berry fruit that is coming to the trends recently due to its amazing skin-enhancing properties. It reduces oil production and helps with active acne too. Its other name is Kalpavriksha. Mulberry is super rich in vitamins A, and E, and has many antioxidants. Vitamin A is trending in skincare in every form and mulberry offers vitamin A in its natural form. Don’t forget to hop on this herbal and natural trend. 

  1. Calendula: An age-old herbal flower calendula will return this year. Just like 00s fashion Calendula will be forever in the skincare industry. Calendula Facewash, day creams, night creams everything calendula will rule the sensitive skin arena. Calendula has always been known for its healing properties. It heals your acne-prone skin, strengthens it, and makes it the healthiest version of your skin. 

Omeo Calendula Face Wash, Omeo Calendula Body Wash, and Omeo Calendula Body Lotion

  1. Rosemary: It has been used since skin and hair care began. However, the use of rosemary was mostly as a home remedy. Recently it made it to the list of trending skin and hair care ingredients. Nowadays every hair treatment has rosemary, and why shouldn’t they? It is an elixir of beauty. This potent extract has multiple benefits including lightening dark spots, and blemishes and improving your skin's complexion. 

  1. Pomegranate: This superfood is not just for general health, it will boost your skin health too. Pomegranate will be the newest and hottest entry in the skincare realm. It has been everyone’s favorite kitchen skin remedy for fine lines and wrinkles. The presence of polyphenol, an antioxidant makes it the best ingredient for skin rejuvenation.


In 2024, the skincare trend is shifting to classic herbal beauty ingredients rather than following chemical actives for instant results. These days, coffee is emerging as a popular choice among Gen Z. Its efficacy undoubtedly makes it a star of 2024. Mulberry, Calendula, Rosemary, and Pomegranate, are starting to create a buzz among skincare believers. Such natural elixirs represent a move toward trustworthy and comprehensive skincare treatments prioritize to long-term skin health above rapid solutions. Omeo brings you the best of these ingredients in its complete range of personal care items. It has something for everyone. Check out our wholesome range to hop on the trend of being updated.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What is the best skincare ingredient?

Ans. Herbal ingredients are considered the best ingredients due to their properties for skincare. They are full of natural goodness that takes your skin towards a natural glow.

2. What are the 5 main categories of skincare products?

Ans. Skincare can be divided into categories as per their requirement in skincare routine. It has a cleanser/ facewash, toner, Moisturizer, and Sunscreen. It can also be mentioned as routine products and weekly regime products. In the weekly regime, Cleanser, Scrub, Toner, Facemask/ Face Pack, Spot treatment cream, and Moisturizer makes their appearances.

3. What are the 3 most important skincare products?

Ans. CTM (Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing) routine is crucial in skincare. This is the most basic and easiest routine one can follow. You can always top this routine up with sunscreen too. Omeo Calendula foaming face wash gently cleanses your skin making it a good choice for sensitive skin. Omeo Rosemary face mist brings the goodness of rosemary and tones your skin. For moisturizing Omeo Aloe Vera Cream is ideal for daily use. It is infused with the goodness of Aloe Vera, turmeric, and Vitamin E.