Arnica Hair Oil – Top 5 Benefits and How to Use for Hair Growth

Arnica montana is a widely known and Homeopathically used medicine known for its promise as a hair growth agent. Dr Hahnemann, the father of Homoeopathy, first published his findings of this remedy in the year 1805. It has since been efficiently used as an effective remedy for injuries, sprains, strains and also topically as a hair growth promoting ingredient in various personal care formulations such as hair oils, shampoos, conditioners and hair serums.

It is due to its anti-inflammatory properties that it works so well on both injuries as well as on the hair follicles. It rejuvenates the scalp by improving blood flow and prevents premature hair fall. It is also bestowed with anti-dandruff properties making it one of the key ingredients in Omeo Anti-Dandruff Shampoo along with other impactful herbs such as Thuja, Ginger and Neem against dandruff.

Omeo’s Arnica Hair Oil and Arnica Shampoo are the power duo to counter all sins working against a shiny and glorious mane of healthy hair. Continuing more on Omeo Arnica Hair Oil, here are top 5 benefits of this amazing hair oil:

  1. It is a Strengthening Hair Oil with Natural Extracts that come together to reduce hair fall and promote hair growth.
  2. It contains Sweet Almond Oil in a very high percentage which is rarely seen in other oils available in the market. Almond oil boosts its anti-inflammatory properties making it reduce scarring and improve the health of the scalp.
  3. Olive Oil, another beneficial emollient and anti-inflammatory ingredient is also present in this oil in great proportion which promotes proliferation of the hair follicle. Oleuropein, a phenolic compound found in olive oil, is said to bring about an early entry of telogenic follicles into the anagen or the growth phase.
  4. Sunflower seed oil is a triglyceride of linoleic acid, which is essential for human health. Being an Omega-6 fatty acid, it promotes healthy hair and skin and hence is the most commonly found oil in various formulations. It empowers Omeo’s Arnica Hair Oil to protect and hydrate the hair strands and also to reverse cellular damage caused by free radicals.
  5. It is infused with herbs such as Jaborandi and Amla- The Well-known Indian Home remedies for all hair complaints. These ingredients are rich in Vitamin C which help cells regenerate. They also minimize dandruff and promote healing. Vitamin e in these promotes healthy circulation.

Using this product is incredibly easy and hassle free- Take a coin sized quantity of Omeo Arnica Hair Oil on your palm, apply over the entire scalp and massage gently for a few minutes using the tips of your fingers and not your nails. For best results use 30mins before head wash. Rinse hair with Omeo Arnica Shampoo to get a strong and smooth mane of lustrous hair. It is recommended to apply Omeo Arnica Hair Oil once every week. If there is a liberty of time, then this oil can be heated on a water bath before application to be a part of a relaxing self-care ritual. Visit our website - Omeocare