Food for your Skin: Mulberry

Mulberry, also known as “Shahtoot” in India is the only source of food for Silkworms. However, it is not only the Silkworms who benefit from this wonder plant but also your skin! This amazing fruit is enriched with 57% Vitamin C, 11% Riboflavin or Vitamin B2 and 5% Vitamin B3 or Niacin. These provide it with the power of being anti-inflammatory, anti-pyretic, cholesterol lowering, blood sugar lowering along with being great for the skin and hair, all packed in this one super fruit.

Powerful antioxidants in this fruit protect it from the advent of free radicals. They also help reduce blemishes and leave the skin looking smooth and glassy. Being anti-inflammatory by nature, Mulberry helps prevent acne and pimples and reduces redness caused by them. In fact, the leaves of Mulberry can be used as an emollient to keep the skin soft and supple and helps with skin depigmentation. Tea made from these leaves is known as the “Immortal Mountain Wizard Tea”. Vitamin A, C and E present in Mulberry make it the ideal Anti-aging ingredient helping the skin look smoother, reduce age spots and minimize pores. It also prevents pre mature aging of the skin. Vitamin C in Mulberries also boosts collagen synthesis.

Blood circulation is also improved by this fruit making it beneficial for your heart health as well as your skin’s texture and radiance. This makes it excellent for dry skin too since it soothes irritated skin and hydrates it from within.

Not only for the skin, Mulberry acts as a superfood for the hair as well by preventing damage and oxidative stress on them and keeping them silky and shiny. They also promote hair growth and prevent early greying.

Omeo’s latest Mulberry Body Lotion is infused with the goodness of Mulberries giving it a boost of hydration, moisturization and an oh so delicious fragrance! It is also augmented by other splendid natural ingredients such as Mango Butter, Sal Butter, Kokum Butter and Cocoa Butter along with Squalane and Allantoin making it the go to product for dry, thirsty and neglected skin to forget its woes for a long time!